Australian Personal Genome (APG) Project 2012

Comprehensive personalized analysis of two Australian genomes

Since the completion of the first human genome in 2001, in the last decade in parallel to the advances of DNA sequencing technologies the human genomes of other seven individuals have been completed using 454, Illumina and/or Helicos technologies. Exome and/or genome-wide variant information including SNPs and INDELs is also available for more than 1,500 human individuals derived from 27 diverse populations through the 1000-genome project and others.

The human genomes of two Australian individuals have been sequenced using SOLiD 4 technology. In this study the assembly of these genomes along with the identification of sequence variants including SNPs and indels will be investigated. DNA variants of these genomes will be compared against that of other published genomes and/or exomes.

Funding of bioinformatics project to analyze Prof. Barry Marshall DNA (Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine) donated by Mr Charles Morgan.

Project site contains

This site contains access to data analysis and statistical summaries of two samples from the Australian personal genome (APG) project 2012